Grants for Single Dads – Find Free Funds Online

Apply for grants for single dads today.It is no secret that there are far fewer single dads than there are single moms. If you are part of this minority group, you just might have some luck finding grants for single dads. The institutions that offer grants to single moms are flooded with applications, for dads, not so much. You can use this to your advantage. There are many reasons why dads may find themselves flying solo while caring for their children; although you may have had some serious unfortunate circumstances, your current profile may be seen as a commodity to some donors. There are few things that bring more joy than helping someone who truly needs it, especially when there are children who will also reap the benefits. This is why you may find multiple sources that are eager to offer grants for single dads. The beauty of grants is the money does not need to be repaid, and it does not cost anything to apply. Here are some tips to help you find the assistance you need and deserve.

Filling out a FAFSA is the best starting point to find grants for single dads.

Filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the best place to start when looking for grants for single dads. The process is quick and simple and you will have results within just a few days. Have your most recent tax return handy as you will need to fill out some information regarding your income history. The FAFSA results will be sent to your school where your financial aid counselor will prepare your financial aid packet. You should not have to wait for this to determine if you are eligible for a Pell Grant–this should be listed in the application results.

Check with your employer.

More and more companies are offering financial assistance for their employees to go to college. Not only does this benefit you, it helps your employer to keep a competitive advantage with well skilled employees. Most employers will require you to remain with the company for a set number of years once the assistance is given. The length typically varies from one to three years. If you are planning on staying with the company, take advantage of this perk but you can also still apply for other grants for single dads.

Look for grants in your line of study.

If you are having difficulty finding grants that are exclusively reserved for single dads, you may want to skew your search plan. Instead of searching for grants for single dads, search for grants in the line that you are studying or plan to study. Very commonly you will be able to find grants exclusively for undergraduates or grad students studying to be, for example, teachers, marine biologists, or computer engineers. There are grants available for almost any field. This type of grant tends to renew every year and may provide support the entire time you are completing your degree.

Speak to a financial aid counselor.

If you are already attending school, your financial aid counselor is a great resource to help you find money to pay for school. They want to retain you as a student, after-all. They may even be able to provide you with a list of available scholarships and possibly help you with your applications.

Think outside of the box.

Get creative and don’t let your pride get in your way. Write to your dream employer and let them know your situation. Express your eagerness to learn and commitment to your field of study. They may hire you while you are still in school and may foot the bill while they’re at it. This is not the most likely scenario, though you should write to anyone you can think of that might have a soft spot in their heart to help a single dad succeed. The president of a well-known company in the field you are studying could be one place to start. Especially if the company is well known for philanthropy.


Expect to struggle and to be turned down. Do not give up. Many people give up too easily and clear the field for people like you to follow through and capitalize on the opportunities that are out there just waiting to be found.